s  e  r  i  e  s
Chasing Lorna [March-April 2004]
Trailing her in Jakarta
Conversations with Dhojee [Nov 2003]
Featuring Cindy, Dhojee and Pang

Kerongcong Katak [Sept 2003]
Stories from Kampung Baru

Keretapi [Dec 2002 - Jan 2003]
Wanderlust on the train to Thailand

Peace Demo [Feb 2003]
Anti-war rallies in Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur

Rainy Day
Featuring a poem by Shalini Nayar

James Lee's Room To Let [Sept-Oct 2002]
Photos of the making of the movie

The Far Side of Merdeka [September 7, 2002]
Featuring Zedeck Siew's monologue, Dumb

Making Babies at No Black Tie [July 4, 2002]
A night of poetry, prose and song

Crossing the Causeway [June 2002]
To Singapore to catch Alfian Sa'at's play

Jalan Putra, KL series [May 2002]
A conversation in the night

Senandung Malam ke SIFF [April 2002]
Riding the railway to the film festival and Tsai Ming-Liang

Deep Sheep at Silverfish [November 2001]