I'm sorry.

I don't understand.


What do you have to apologise for?

They don't have what you want.

So who's fault is that?

My fault because I brought you here.

It was my decision to come here too.

But I suggested this place, and now they don't have what you want, and you're going to be unhappy.

I don't mind eating something else. What's the big deal? Why do you have to cry about something as petty as this?

I want you to be happy.

So, you honestly think that, I'm going to be absolutely devastated... because I have to eat kuay teow instead of mai fen?

.... yes.

What?? You honestly think that?

I just want you to be happy lah.

But.....but... *sigh* Nevermind.

Please... let's not fight about this.

But I'm not the one who wants to make a big deal about this.

Why are you shouting at me??

... I'm... not... shouting.

Yes you are.

That's shouting?


How...h-how do you come to the conclusion that that's shouting?



It's shouting.

Am I shouting now??




Why are you being so irrational?

I'm not.

Do you really really think that... that a reasonable, rational person would think that me speaking at this volume is... shouting?




I don't get you at all!

It's rational for me.

And... you think... but... how...


I'm sorry.


Are you upset?


I irritate you don't I?



I just want things to be perfect.

...but that's precisely why you'll always be upset! Because you'll never attain perfection!

I don't want to be jaded like you.

What has that got to do with... a-and who says I'm jaded?





... let's not fight, okay?


Jalan Putra (near PWTC, Chow Kit) Kuala Lumpur, shot from a Chinese restaurant across the street.