December 13, 2003
Currently in Malacca updating the site on the fly. Nine new scans this time - Two of Dad and his dad; Three pics of Mom with Mei Ai, with Aunty Margaret, and with the three kids before me; Four extended family pics of my mom's side. Lots of relatives in town this time, so I should be able to get the rollcall right. For now.

7, 2003
My brother's wedding bash for his side of the family will be held in Malacca in exactly a week from today. So here's a flurry of updates and new scans for the family to look up.
Eleven new scans! Six for Dad: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; One for Mom; Two of me: 1, 2; Another shot of Mei Ai & Sonny on the swing as you see on the left, except this one's older; And two big family shots: 1, 2.
Thanks to Bryan, Genevieve and Mei Ai, the rollcall for three big family shots, starting with this is complete and fully accounted for. Thanks to Mei Yin too for identifying the relatives and context in this shot.

November 14, 2003
Today is Mei Yin's birthday.
Decided to split present-day and old pics. Plenty of large thumbnails will slow down this page, but I figure it's worth it.

First note
The picture on the left was probably taken thereabouts of 1965-67. The boy on the left is my brother Sonny, perched on a little swing at the verandah of my old house in Tranquerah [note the Terrazo tiling] next to the elder of my two sisters, Mei Ai. As I s-l-o-w-l-y go about scanning my family's photo albums, here's the product of the first round of my admittedly languid efforts to archive old family photographs on the web.
~~ The file size of the pictures here are slightly larger compared to my other photo pages, so expect slower download speeds. Since this page also serves as a web archive for my relatives, I've gone for higher quality JPEG compression and picture resolution.
~~ You may have noticed a conspicuous absence of one particular Lim family member in this round of scans. Before speculation about my parentage arises, rest assured, I will appear later, and in colour too, as my birth marked the end of a monochrome world.
~~ Eventually this page will expand and spin off various sub-categories. Please come back to me with feedback, comments and reports of errors or complaints, or if you'd like to contribute an annotation, at or my office email for those who know. If there's something wrong with a particular page, note the page title [found at the top left hand corner of your browser window] in your email.
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Latest stuff

Mei Ai
The girl on the swing, many years later



Waiting at Puduraya

Mei Yin, Dad, Mom
What are they doing?
Nostalgia Archive

Family [1]
First family portrait

Family [2]
It began with Sonny...

Family [3]
...then there was Mei Ai...

Family [4]
.... and Mei Yin... three down, one more to go

Family [5]
With Grandpa 'Johnny Walker'

Family [6]
Mom and the kids, pre-me.
Mom & Dad:

Mom & Dad [1]
Air-brushed colour portrait

Mom & Dad [3]
Wedding portrait

Mom & Dad [4]
Going kai-kai

Mom & Dad [5]
Wedding home-coming

Mom & Dad [6]
Wedding family photo-call

Mom & Dad [7]
With Aunty Fang

Dad [7]
With his pa at the bookshop

Dad [8]
In front of the Stadthuys

Mom [2]


Mom [5]
With Aunty Margaret

Mom [6]
With Mei Ai
The Kids:
The old bookstore:

Bookstore [1]
The first shop, 1935-1960s

Bookstore [2]
The second shop, 1960s-2002
Extended family and other pix:

Three new kids
Four mothers

Dad's side
Extended family

Dad's side [2]
Gramps & kids

Dad's side [3]

In colour
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