R e m a i n s   o f   t h e   D a y

On February 2001, Lim Brothers Bookstore closed its doors for good, after over 66 years in business. In December 2000, I had asked my friend, writer-photographer Pang Khee Teik, to capture images of my father and the bookshop that he worked in since he was five years old. What you will see here are the highlights from that shoot, and a brief history of a bookshop. Click here to read on

Lim Brothers Bookstore,
20 Jalan Laksamana, Melaka.

"The only decent bookshop in Malacca."
- writer-poet and orang Melaka Salleh Ben Joned

Addendum: This online photo essay was created in 2002, after the bookshop had closed, and the property sold off to private buyers. The man who ran the store all his life, my father, Lim Koh Sin passed away in May 2008. The "Lim Brothers" signage above the shop remains till this day. I dedicate this essay to the memory of my late father. -- Danny Lim

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